That Awkward Moment ***


<font size="2" face="Arial""That Awkward" moment is a better movie than early reviews have suggested. It is actually pretty funny and has some truly poignant moments. There are a lot of flaws but still it is not a bad movie.

<font size="2" face="Arial"Zac Efron plays one of a trio of friends who spend their nights looking for women and creating their so called roster of sexual partners. Well two of them do. The third is a married man headed for divorce. His friends are more than happy to recruit him in to their life style but it is more complicated than that. The results are fairly predictable but it is the acting and the dialogue that elevate the material.

<font size="2" face="Arial"Efron stars along side Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller. Jordan is an up and coming star but sadly he seems to be the weakest link here. I think it is more the way his character is underwritten than anything. The other two guys are the main focus of the story. Efron is a guy with a lot of charisma which is on full display here. It is nice to see him play a character that isn't so loveable. He is a nice enough guy but is seriously misguided when it comes to women.

<font size="2" face="Arial"Miles Teller plays a motor mouth of a character that I really disliked at first. But his character learns and grows and it blossoms in to a nice performance.

<font size="2" face="Arial"The director is Tom Gormicon, who also wrote the screen play. Based on this film alone he seems to be a good writer and director. I think the script needed more fleshing out to be honest but it did hold my attention for the duration of the flick.


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