Ride Along **1/2


“Ride Along” was not really on my radar but it became a massive box office success. Kevin Hart’s popularity seems to be sky rocketing at the moment. I have enjoy his stand up comedy but I haven’t seen a movie yet that has utilized his talents properly quite yet. “Ride Along” has some funny moments and is a fairly entertaining movie but I’m still waiting for Hart to find a role that he can sink his teeth in to. Think of Eddie Murphy in “48 Hours”. I hate to compare the two but I want Hart to find a role that truly elevates his comedy in to a memorable performance.

Pairing him with Ice Cube is a good start. Cube has seemed to settle in to a series of roles that make him in to a hard ass authority figure. His character here is similar to his role in “21 Jump Street”. He is a tough cop who doesn’t put up with any crap and has a serious problem with the seemingly pathetic Hart dating his sister. He figures that taking Hart on a ride along will scare him away. The results are fairly entertaining.

I truly hope that Kevin Hart doesn’t go the way of Kevin James, Vince Vaughn or even Adam Sandler as of late. They had a few hits and tried to keep doing the same things over and over until they have basically worn out their welcome. I want Hart to work with some real directors who can fine tune his performances in to something greater.


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