Frozen ***


“Frozen” is the latest in a long line of Disney animated films involving princesses. This time they go all out by basing the story in two princess sisters who are separated at an early age by their parents. One of them has the power to create ice and freeze anything she touches. Her parents deem her too dangerous and lock her up in her room to grow up. Much like “Tangled”, the film surrounds it’s female leads with some wise cracking males who possess modern sense of humour and a bumbling charisma.

“Frozen” is one of the greatest looking animated films I have ever seen. The colours of the sets and landscapes are beautifully detailed and the contrast between the vibrant summer and the icy snow are breathtaking. It made me wish that a much more powerful story was taking place. I could of watched this one mute as to not be distracted from the stunning visuals.

I must say I certainly was not expecting this to be a full on musical. The trailers lead me to believe that it was going to be a hip comedy set in a fantasy world. I was surprised to see that the humour and gags took a back seat to the story of these sisters and the full on musical sequences.

I’m sure this movie will be a massive success but part of me wishes that the story had more depth to it. I wish that the characters were less simplistic. “Tangled” and “Wreck-It Ralph” seemed to tell a story with more layers and got us more involved with their stories. Still it is a fun experience for the whole family. The 3D is pretty decent as well. There is also a short Disney film at the beginning that absolutely blew me away.

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