Delivery Man **1/2


Vince Vaughn is really at a tough point in his career. After three commercial and critical disappointments in a row, a lot is riding on “Delivery Man”. Fortunately it is no where near as bad as some of his recent films but it is not the come back movie he needs. Vaughn deserves better roles than this at this point in his career.

The story follows a fairly typical Vince Vaughn character named Dave. He is fairly lazy, is on the brink of losing his girlfriend and realistically doesn’t have the want or desire to change his place in the world. He also owes 80,000 dollars to thugs that is never really explained. Soon his world is flipped upside down when he learns that due to a mix up at a fertility clinic he provided samples for, he has fathered over 500 children. Now those children are filing a class action law suit to learn his identity.

The director is Ken Scott who actually wrote and directed the Canadian version that this is a remake of. I have not see that previous film but have heard that it is more edgy and engaging. Here he relies mostly on the performance of Vaughn, who does provide some humor and some drama but also a lot of the time looks bored.

The movie is fairly entertaining but it is a far cry from some of the previous work from everyone involved.


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