All Is Bright **1/2


“All Is Bright” is a nice little comedy about a down on his luck ex con who works selling christmas trees in an attempt to buy his estranged daughter a present. Directed by Phil Morrison, who directed the 2006 movie Junebug, “All Is Bright” relies on two quirky performances by Paul Giamatti and Paul Rudd, who travel from Canada to New York to setup a shabby looking camp of trees for the holidays.

Nobody can play down on his luck like Giamatti can. Here he looks borderline homeless. He sees the christmas tree business as a get rich quick scheme so he can buys his daughter a piano. Rudd is an old friend and is currently dating Giamatti’s wife. It is an odd relationship that becomes quite strained which seems natural considering Giamatti is trying to reconcile with his wife.

“All Is Bright” isn’t quite “Bad Santa”, but it is a holiday movie for adults with a lot of R rated humor. I is not too memorable but if you are looking for some solid laughs with a healthy dose of drama this might be your ticket.


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