Cloudy With The Chance Of Meatballs 2 **1/2


“Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2” is pretty much what you would expect. The original didn’t exactly need a sequel. But here it is, ready to entertain the kids. As for the adults, there are a few laughs but it is definitely not one of the great animated films of our time.

This movie has some fun moments but it didn’t totally win me over. The story involves Flint, the character from the first movie, as he deals with the after effects of the havoc his invention caused in the first movie. If you remember, he created a device that makes food fall from the sky. Now that food is coming to life and forming it’s own ecosystem. This includes burger spiders and banana dolphins as well as living strawberries. The villain is an evil corporation that wants to salvage Flint’s invention from the centre of the ecosystem for their own nefarious purposes.

I saw this movie with my son and all his buddies for his birthday. They had a blast with it. I found myself indifferent. I laughed at some parts and enjoyed the animation but compared to movies from Pixar and Dreamworks, this just doesn’t hold up.


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