Curse of Chucky **


Some franchises run the course fairly quickly and should end before the well becomes dry. I find this happens most in the horror genre. Movies like “Saw” and “Friday The 13th” spawned multiple dreary sequels that never seemed to end. The “Child’s Play” series should of ended after three movies but it hung around and became a parody of itself. This latest entry was supposed to revitalize the franchise and take it back to it’s basic horror roots but I find it falls short due to its smaller budget and bland story.

We catch up with Chucky as he has mailed himself to the door step of a paraplegic woman named Nica. Doesn’t take long before Chucky is terrorizing the whole family. Sadly the promise of real horror and atmosphere is traded off for gruesome deaths and shabby special effects.

Brad Dourif is back voicing the possessed doll and is the highlight of the movie. I had little doubt that he could pull off this character as he has done it five times before this. It did hit a nostalgic chord when he spoke for the first time in this movie though.

“Curse Of Chucky” debuted right to Video On Demand, which was a first for this series. Perhaps if this is a success then it will motivate the studio to provide a larger budget and give it a theatrical release or it might be the final nail in the coffin and Chucky can finally retire in to horror movie history.

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