You’re Next *1/2


“You’re Next” arrives on the scene with a wave of buzz and anticipation. I am surprised to report that it is a frustratingly awful horror movie. How did this movie get such great reactions on the festival circuit? The characters are simpletons who make the usual dumb decisions that films like “Scream” made fun of. The twists and turns in the plot are some of the most unbelievable moments that I can recall in recent years.

The story involves a family as that gather together at their family cottage in the country side. There are four siblings, their significant others and their parents. They have the usual issues and conflicts that most movie families due but everything takes a turn for the terrifying when a group of mask wearing psychos show up with cross bows and axes.

The result is a sort of bargain basement version of “The Purge”, where the people are so stupid that they almost deserve what is coming to them. One of the characters in particular seems like she is from another movie. Sharni Vinson plays Erin, who has a past involving combat training apparently as she single handily fights back and outsmarts the invaders. Eventually I started wondering why they didn’t tuck tale and run as they didn’t seem like any match at all.

What is it that people are seeing in this movie that I am not? I was fairly excited to see it based on the buzz alone. I was not expecting to keep slapping my forehead out of disbelief at how ridiculous it was.


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