Jobs **


“Jobs” is a valiant effort but sadly doesn’t really get to the heart of what made Steve Jobs tick. The film kind of glosses over the high and low points of Steve’s career without really getting in to the meat of it. Everything was in place but I just felt kind of detatched by the story.

Steve jobs as you probably know is one of the founders of Apple. He formed it with a few others in his dad’s garage. What people might not know is how he went from these humble beginnings to helping develop innovative products such as the iPod. It was not all good times though as Steve was ousted from the company at one point.

As Steve Jobs, I honestly believe that Ashton Kutcher is the wrong choice. Kutcher has a lot of talent and I know that this was a passion project for him but he just does not match up well with this role. He has some good moments but others fall completely flat.


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