Kick-Ass 2 *


“Kick-Ass 2” is pretty much more of the same except it is more vile and ugly. In recent weeks, actor Jim Carrey, one of the stars of this movie, has spoken out against the violence in this movie. After seeing the movie I am left wondering if he meant to speak out against he lack of taste and creativity that went in to making this film. My hope is that this film flops at the box office so that we don’t have to sit through a third instalment.

The plot this time involves Kick-Ass, played again by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, as he joins a super hero group called Justice Forever. They are lead by Carrey’s Colonial Stars and Stripes, an ex-mobster who has has turned over a new leaf. Together with a bunch of other odd recruits they start hitting gangsters where it hurts. Eventually they cross paths with the world’s first super villain known as The Mother Fucker played as a pathetic whiner by Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Some how The Mother Fucker recruits a legion of disgusting people who commit some rather sickening acts in the name of revenge. At one point he attempts to rape a member of Justice Forever but is stalled when he can’t get it up. This moment some how an attempt at humour because we all love a good rape joke.

Hit Girl is back as well played again by Chloe Grace Moretz. She is still murdering and using unnecessary foul language. This time she tries giving up the super hero life and going back to high school. There she is befriended by a gruesome group of girls who for whatever reason, pride themselves in acting like proud prostitutes. When they embarrass Hit Girl she gets back at them by causing them to have sudden diarrhea and a fit of vomiting in the school cafeteria.

What is the point of making a movie like this? I love a good R rated satire and I am definitely not opposed to violence and action but I do require it to have a point. “Kick-Ass 2” seems to be trying to prove that the world is a disgusting place and that we should all put on masks and kill each other.


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