We’re The Millers ***


I wasn’t expecting a lot from “We’re The Millers”. It is a late summer comedy which usually means that the studio didn’t have much faith in it. Boy how looks can be deceiving. This movie is actually really funny. So far the comedies of this summer have been kind of lame. “This Is The End” is the exception. It is nice to see a movie where the actors seem to be having fun simply making us laugh. This isn’t art.

Jason Sudeikis plays a laid back pot dealer who finds himself in debt to his supplier. In order to pay what he owes he agrees to smuggle a little bit of marijuana across the border. His idea to pull this off is to hire some people to pose as his family. This includes Jennifer Aniston as Sarah, a stripper who finds herself needing some fast cash. He also hires two teenagers to act as their kids. The idea is that if they are a normal looking family that it should be less suspicious when they cross back in to America.

Then shenanigans that go down are straight from most road trip comedies with the added twist that the vehicle is jammed to the ceiling with drugs. But the cast that is also cooped up in this vehicle have some pretty funny chemistry together that elevates the material.

If you are looking for a funny comedy to see as the summer winds down then this is it. If you were disappointed in movies like “The Heat” and “The Hangover Part III”, then this might renew your faith in studio comedies.


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