Turbo ***


“Turbo” is the lastest CGI animated film to help saturate the market. I can remember when these movies were few and far between. Each one was sort of an event when it was released. Now there are so many coming out each year that they cannot possibly all be financial success. “Turbo” comes on the heels of “Despicable Me 2” and “Monster’s University”, and I don’t quite think it is unique enough to stand out from the pack. It is funny and quite entertaining though.

The story involves a snail who longs to have more speed in his life. His name is Turbo and he is voiced by Ryan Reynolds who infuses his usual dead pan comedy style. When he is accidently sucked in to a car engine and his cells are infused with nitrous oxcide, he finds himself able to move as fast as cars in the Indy 500. In fact he some how gets himself in to the Indy 500, much to the dismay of Guy Gangne, a French-Canadian racing champion.

The real issue I have with these movies is that the creators are going too much for the hip dialogue and the slapstick laughs as opposed to creaing a truly great story. Pixar is still the standard and Dreamworks, who made this movie, are not too far behind. This movie is mainly for the kids. They will enjoy the colorful animation and the exciting action sequences


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