Red 2 **


Some movies just don’t really need a sequel. I enjoyed “Red” when it debuted back in 2010, but it did not leave me begging for a sequel. I guess when movies make a lot of money these days it is pretty much a forgone conclusion that there will be a sequel whether it is forced or not. Now we have “Red 2”, which essentially takes everything that worked in the first film and tries to recreate it a second time with middling results.

Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Marie-Louise Parker and Helen Mirren are back from the original film. They are joined this time by Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Brian Cox. The plot involves a nuclear device that went missing in Russia during the Cold War. Willis and his team are implicated in it’s disappearance which sends them on a globe trotting mission to uncover the truth.

Now when I say globe trotting I mean it. Locations literally jump from country to country giving us no sense of location or atmosphere. We get a few glimpses of one city then we are shoved off to the next one. These moments are usually punctuated with short bursts of random action scenes. Everything moves along so fast that there is nothing to really get attached to.

The director is Dean Parisot who gave us the underrated comedy classic “Galaxy Quest”. I wish he was working with a screenplay that had at least half as much wit and humour as that film. Here it is pretty much left up to the actors to have a ham it up and have a good time. At least they look like they are having fun. Well except for Willis that is who simply looks bored.

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