Despicable Me 2 ***


“Despicable Me 2” takes all the elements that worked in the first film but some how makes them funnier and more engaging. I thought the original movie was ok but was no where near the quality of lets say some of Pixar’s offerings.

The plot this time involves an Gru, voiced again by Steve Carell, being recruited by the Anti Villain League. They want his unique skills to track down a mysterious new bad guy who attacked an installation in the Arctic Circle.

The best part about the first movie was the minions and they get a chunk more screen time in this movie. They are pretty funny yet again. Think of the three stooges but multiplied by the hundreds!

Carell is joined this time by Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand to name just a few. They all bring their own unique brands of comedy their roles and mostly all succeed.

When it comes down to it this is still kind of a kids entertainment. The creators try mostly for site gags and laughs.


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