The Internship **


What is happening to Vince Vaughn lately? “The Dilemma”, “The Watch” and now “The Internship” have all basically sucked. This pains me to say this as I am such a huge fan of a lot of his movies. I can’t really put my finger on what went wrong with these films. I can only say that the scripts have been weak and unfunny. “The Internship” has been the best of his most recent films but that is not really saying much. Once again he gives a fairly funny performance but is dragged down by the over all lameness of the production.

Re-teaming Vaunghn with his “Wedding Crashers” co-star, Owen Wilson, must have looked like a recipe for success on paper but there has to be a great script to go with it. “Wedding Crashers” had some big, memorable laughs. “The Internship” had a few ha-ha moments but those were forgotten with long stretches of dreary attempts at humor.

Having to come down on this film really bothers me because I was excited at the premise of these two middle aged guys trying to get a job at Google. Vaughn is a talker and Wilson is a charmer so in my mind they were make a great sales team. Seeing them lose their jobs to a market that is quickly being dominated by online retailers kind of has an up to date relevance to it as well.

Sadly the movie is another bump in the road of both these fine gentleman. The characters are all one dimensional and the ending pours on the sentimentality pretty shamefully.

On a side note I did really enjoy Aasif Mandvi’s role. He is a regular correspondant on “The Daily Show” and makes a hilariously uptight boss here. I nominate him as one of the new horrible bosses in the upcoming sequel to “Horrible Bosses”.


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