Trance **1/2


“Trance” is a seriously good mind bender until it completely comes apart in the last act of the movie. Director Danny Boyle gets back to his roots a little bit by conceiving a crime thriller not too far removed from his earlier works like “Shallow Grave”. I mean that in terms of plot and story.

This time his movie is about group of art thieves lead by James McAvoy and Vincent Cassell. Their plan is fairly ingenious but is thrown off when one of the robbers develops amnesia and can’t remember where he stashed the loot. This is when they recruit a hypnotherapist played by Rosario Dawson. She agrees to try and restore his memories for a large chunk of change.

At this point I was really invested in this movie. It is only until all is revealed, in a long explanation by one of the main characters, that the story came apart for me. It just seemed like too much all at once.

The film is definitely worth watching though simply for the great style that Danny Boyle brings to the film.


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