A Good Day To Die Hard **


How did it come to this? Not only is this the weakest entry in the “Die Hard” series, but it is simply a lazy and uninspired action flick. Some movies I can find entertaining if the action is at least exciting. Not the case in this movie. The shoot outs and chases are all boring displays of incoherent editing and a lack of creativity. I don’t know what the executives at Fox were thinking when they brought on the director of “Max Payne” and “Behind Enemy Lines” and teamed him up with the writer of the Wolverine origin movie.

The story this time has Bruce Willis reprising his role as John McClane. This time he heads to Russia to support his son who has seemingly gotten in trouble with the law. Turns out he is simply under cover with the CIA. McClane conveniently arrives at the court house just as all hell breaks loose, leading to a seemingly endless chase resulting in numerous cars crashing and flipping all over the place. This is just one of many endless scenes of ugly explosions and mayhem.

When the film does slow down for a minute or two we are treated to a father son reconciliation that is handled with the least amount of meaningful dialogue possible. I guess when the movie runs at 98 minutes the writer and director can’t spare more than a few moments for this kind of sappy interactions.

The “Die Hard” series has been known for having some of colourful and memorable villains but here we barely know who they are or what their motivations are. Just when you think you know who is leading their operation he is killed and another take’s his place. You know you are in trouble when a “Die Hard” movie doesn’t feature any sarcastic dialogue between McClane and a dangerous terrorist. Here all McClane can do is smirk at them as if he realizes how pathetic they are as characters.

How did Fox honestly think they could get away with making a “Die Hard” movie this bad? The reviews so far have been savage and deservedly so. I was willing to cut this movie a bit of slack simply because I am nostalgic for the original but there is just not much to like here at all.


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