Side Effects ***1/2


“Side Effects” is the latest movie from director Steven Soderbergh. It is a strange and absorbing drama that takes a sudden u-turn and becomes an engaging character thriller.

The plot involves a young woman (Rooney Mara) whose world unravels when a drug prescribed by her psychiatrist (Jude Law) has unexpected side effects. Channing Tatum plays the woman’s husband, recently released from jail for insider trading. Catherine Zeta Jones plays the woman’s former psychiatrist. More about the plot I will not say.

Soderbergh lets the drama unfold as naturally as it can. The twists and turns do not feel forced. Everything is generated by the characters and their personalities.

To think that this is director Soderbergh’s second to last film is a saddening thought. He tackles different genres and stories with his distinctive style. From movies like “Magic Mike” to “Haywire”, Soderbergh’s unpredictability has always made him an exciting director to follow.


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