Identity Thief **


Sometimes all the talent in the world can’t over come a bad script. Here we have two very talented leads in Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy as well as the director of “Horrible Bosses”. The story had the potential to be a very funny comedy but all the dialogue and gags seem to fall flat on their faces.

The story follows Diana played by McCarthy, who makes her living by stealing people’s identities and racking up their credit cards with mountains of debt. Her victim this time is Sandy Bigelow Patterson who is portrayed by Bateman. Sandy figures out something is wrong when he starts getting strange phone calls and his credit card is cut up at the local gas station. When the problem threatens his new job and his families future he decides to take matters in to his own hands by tracking down the culprit and bringing her to himself. This sets up the familiar road trip comedy similar to “Planes Trains And Automobiles”.

With the amount of talent behind this film I was sure it would be a winner but like I said everybody here is short changed by a pretty lame script. There are moments that start out funny such as when Diana picks up a hefty cowboy at a local pub with the intent on driving Sandy nuts but it ends with a rather awkward sex scene. Eventually we find the two leads alone in the woods being attacked by snakes and other wild life. It was at this point that I realized that this was not going to get any better.

On top of the flat jokes there is a fairly hall mark sub plot about redemption where we are force fed Diana’s sad past, which some how causes Sandy to care for her and welcome her in to his family. I am all for forgiveness but I would find it difficult to fully embrace someone who nearly destroyed my family, especially in the span of a day.

The writer here is Craig Mazin, who penned screenplays for “The Hangover II” and two “Scary Movie” sequels. I’m not sure he has a feel for great comedy judging by this track record so far.


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