Warm Bodies ***


“Warm Bodies” is kind of a fresh take on the zombie genre. This movie is narrated by a zombie as he falls in love with a girl and begins to feel the virus slowly reversing itself as he starts to rejoin the land of the living.

Nicholas Hoult plays R, the aforementioned zombie with a heart that comes back to life. Rob Corddry plays his zombie friend M. Their friendship isn’t much more than staring at each other grunting. When R meets Julie, a living girl, he instantly falls for her. Problem is that he just finished eating her boyfriend’s brains. Apparently when a zombie eats a living person’s brain, he gains their memories, which was news to me.

John Malkovich play’s Julie’s father, the leader of the last remaining human’s. He is intent on killing zombies no matter what. He certainly does not believe that their virus can be reversed in any way.

Zombies are in high demand at the moment with movies like “Zombieland” and the television series “The Walking Dead”. I have seen a lot of zombie films in my time, some good, some awful, but I have never seen one from the zombies point of view and because of that this movie gains points with me. Also doesn’t hurt that the film has a killer soundtrack. Over all I would say that I was pleasantly surprised.


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