The Last Stand ***


“The Last Stand” marks the return to starring roles for Arnold Schwarzenegger. His only appearances on film in the last ten years have been as cameos in the “Expendables” series. “The Last Stand” is a good start for him. It is a pretty fun action flick that never takes itself too seriously.

The plot involves a small border town where Schwarzenegger plays Ray Owens, the Sheriff. The locals are your usual mixed bag of small town folk mixed in with a couple of gun nuts. All seems normal until the Sheriff gets the word that an escaped Cartel leader named Cortez is headed their way. He managed to escape the FBI who are now in hot pursuit. Everything is leading towards Schwarzenegger and his team.

This sets up the third act where the Sheriff basically barricades the town and eventually finds himself in a violent stand off with the Drug Lord and his cronies.

None of this is original in any way but director Kim Ji-Woon does it with style. I was happy to see that he did not resort to chop shop editing and shaky camera work. Everything is clearly laid out and easy to follow.


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