Broken City **


“Broken City” is the latest film from Allen Hughes, who co-directed such great films as “Menace II Society”, and “From Hell”. Sadly this film doesn’t come close to his previous heights. It is a poorly plotted and lazily directed thriller where the actors look almost bored as they wade through a murky plot that is pushed along by clunky dialogue.

The story starts with Mark Wahlberg as a police officer on trial for killing an alleged rapist. The result of which ends up with Wahlberg out of the force but not in jail. Cut to years later and he is working as a Private Investigator. When the mayor, played by Russell Crowe comes calling, he jumps at the opportunity to make some cash. This leads him in to a mess that results in corporate crimes and murder.

The setup is not so bad. This could of ended up as an intriguing thriller. It is the execution that bothered me. Everything seemed so convenient and predictable. Even the car chases and fights seem almost stuck in to create some sort of excitement. In the end I found myself bored and sort of glad it was over.


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