Gangster Squad ***


“Gangster Squad” is almost like a low rent “Dick Tracy”. It is too over the top to be taken seriously yet is based loosely on actual events. It has high production values but the writing and direction almost take the movie in to parody.

This is kind of what we need after the long winter season full of heavy oscar calibre films. There is not much of a story but there is a lot of fire power and some enjoyable over the top performances.

The story follows a group of cops who are told to go up against Mickey Cohen’s crew off the books. They pretty much have a license to kill. And kill they do, at an almost disturbing rate.

The cast includes Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Nick Nolte, Giovanni Ribisi, Robert Patrick, and Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen. Each of them acts their part in a pretty straight forward yet stylish manner.

The director is Ruben Fleischer, who directed “Zombieland” and “30 Minutes Or Less”. Hardly the track record to take on a gangster period piece.


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