The Best Films Of 2012

These were my favorite films of 2012.

13 “Beasts Of The Southern Wild”


12 “Your Sister’s Sister” ”


11 “Prometheus” “Did you really think I was gonna sit in a boardroom for years arguing over who was in charge while you go look for some miracle on some godforsaken rock in the middle of space? A king has his reign, and then he dies. It’s inevitable. That is natural order of things.”


10 “Killer Joe” “That poor, miserable bastard set his own genitals on fire just to teach his girlfriend a lesson. I guess he showed her. I wonder if she ever got over it.”


9 “Safety Not Guaranteed” “To go it alone or to go with a partner. When you choose a partner you have to have compromises and sacrifices, but it’s a price you pay. Do i want to follow my every whim and desire as I make my way through time and space, absolutely. But at the end of the day do I need someone when I’m doubting myself and I’m insecure and my heart’s failing me? Do I need someone who, when the heat gets hot, has my back?”


8 “Life Of Pi” “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”


7 “Skyfall” “You left me for five months in a room with no air, the property of the Chinese. Did I betray you? No. I stayed strong and protected you and kept you safe, while I had to suffer, and suffer, and suffer. Then, finally, when I understood you would not save me, I broke the cyanide tooth… but I lived. What it did to my insides I can’t even explain, but I lived. Life clung to me like a disease. But I finally understood, that I had to live in order to see you one last time, to ask… why?”


6 “Django Unchained” “That means we visit every plantation until we find her. And once the final Brittle brother lies dead in the dust, I am going to give you your freedom. ANd I’ll take you to rescue your wife.”


5 “Moonrise Kingdom” “These are my books. I like stories with magic powers in them. Either in kingdoms on Earth or on foreign planets. Usually I prefer a girl hero, but not always.”


4 “Argo” “Look, if you’re going to do this, you’re going to do this… You can’t build cover stories around a movie that doesn’t exist. You need a script, you need a producer.”


3 “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” “I don’t know if I will have the time to write anymore letters because I might be too busy trying to participate. So if this does end up being the last letter I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school and you helped me. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about or know someone who has gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. And there are people who forget what it’s like to be 16 when they turn 17. I know these will all be stories someday. And our pictures will become old photographs. We’ll all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now these moments are not stories. This is happening, I am here and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive, and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song and that drive with the people you love most in this world. And in this moment I swear, we are infinite.”


2 “Flight” “The FAA placed ten pilots in simulators, recreated the events. Every pilot killed everybody on board! You were the only one who could do it!”


1 “Cloud Atlas” “Yesterday, I believe I would never have done what I did today. I feel like something important has happened to me. Is this possible? I just met her, and yet… I have fallen in love with Luisa Rey.”
“I believe there is a another world waiting for us, Sixsmith. A better world. And I’ll be waiting for you there.”
“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime; and every kindness we birth our future.”


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