This Is 40 ***


“This Is 40” is the latest movie from writer, director Judd Apatow. It depicts a married couple dealing with middle age, financial difficulties, kids approaching puberty as well as other surprises that I will not reveal.

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann are reprising their roles from Apatow’s “Knocked Up” as Debbie and Pete. This time they are the focus of the story. Pete is running his own record label which is on the brink of going under and Debbie is operating a struggling clothing store. They are not exactly up front with each other about their respective business’ financial situations. They are more concerned with making this work at home where their marriage is experience a lot of sharp ups and downs, which is also how I felt about the movie in general.

Now I can see what Apatow is trying to pull off here I just wish that there was more of an actual narrative to follow. The film is basically a series of funny set pieces that don’t really add up to much. The characters are vivid and real as is the dialogue and the performances but at over two hours not a lot is concluded.

My other problem with the movie is that this story is that it seems to be about a family living in excess. I think this might of been more effective if it was about an actual working class family. It is kind of hard to feel for a household that is struggling financially while they drive their expensive cars and horde their pricy apple products around. Imagine the same movie except the father worked at a grocery store and the mother didn’t exactly own the clothing store.

I am recommending the movie based on the fact that I laughed and enjoyed the characters. I just think that there was a missed opportunity here.


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