The Guilt Trip **1/2


I didn’t have high hopes for this movie when it came out last Christmas. Hence why I waited till it hit the home market to check it out. The result is better then I had expected but was still fairly generic. The pairing of Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand had some promise it is just too bad that they aren’t working a script that doesn’t play it so safe.

The story follows an adult son and his mother played by Rogan and Streisand, as they go on a cross country trip while the son attempts to sell his organic home cleaning products.

There are some funny moments along the way but the movie essentially sticks to a specific formula. The story pretty much works out exactly as you think it will. No surprises to find here. That doesn’t mean it is bad as a result. I think it is well made and well acted I just don’t think I needed to see it.


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