Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows ***


After two movies now I have given up hoping that we would get a true film adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Once you accept the fact that they have turned him in to a man of action, then you will find that “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows” is a pretty fun movie.

Robert Downey Jr, is back again in the title role with Jude Law again at his side as Dr. Watson. Along for the ride is Noomi Rapace as a mysterious gypsy, and Stephen Fry as Holmes eccentric brother.

The villain this time is the legendary Dr. Professor Moriarty played deliciously by Jared Hess. In fact the best moments in this film are when Holmes and Moriarty face off in battles of wits and word play.

I guess we live in a time when audiences no longer care for a seriously diabolical mystery thriller. People want action and eye candy. I enjoy those things too but it just is not enough for me.


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