Hitchcock ***


“Hitchcock” is an interesting film that centres on the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and his wife Alma, during the making of his legendary film, “Psycho”. It is written and directed with care by John J. McLaughlin and Sacha Gervasi.

Anthony Hopkins plays Alfred Hitchcock and Helen Mirren plays Alma, his wife. Hopkins certainly looks the part but having never seen any interviews with the real life Alfred Hitchcock I can’t comment on his imitation of him. The performance that he gives is pretty good though. He plays Hitch as a man obsessed with reviews and critics but also as a man driven to keep making fresh and exciting films. He also has some troubling obsessions with some of his leading ladies.

Mirren gives an equally effective performance as Alma. She is desperately clinging to their home and their marriage which are both on the line if this movie fails.

The most interesting parts of this movie for me were those that involved the controversy that the movie “Psycho” caused. No studio wanted to make this film due to it’s disturbing themes. It is amazing to think of some of the movies that get made these days. “Psycho” seems timid in comparison. But it is still more frightening and suspenseful than almost anything produced since.


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