Rise Of The Guardians ***


“Rise Of The Guardians” is the latest from the Dreamworks brand which has been hit and miss over the years. This entry is a little outside of their comfort zone as they usually put out more comedic films than action fantasy.

The Guardians in the films title are Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Easter Bunny, and Jack Frost. Together they form an Avengers style team that do battle with the Boogie Man. In a particularly nice touch the characters are a little more darker than your standard family fair.

The animation as well is a little darker in tone. One must consider that Guillermo Del Toro, who was an executive producer on the film, probably had a lot of creative input in to the style of the film.

I did enjoy the movie did find myself sort of exhausted after most of the action sequences. Animated movies today are getting too over stuffed with sequences of action and fantasy violence. I find myself longing for the Disney movies of the late 80s and early 90s, when stories and characters were the main focus.

Another gripe I have is one that is getting really old by now and it is about the 3D presentation. Some of the sequences stood out but over all it is still an unnecessary extra charge.


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