Wreck-It Ralph ***1/2


My son has been impatiently waiting for this movie for months. I too have been pretty excited as it features a lot of characters from my childhood. Video games were a big part of my life growing up so to see characters from the games I played all together in a movie is very nostalgic.

“Wreck-It Ralph” is about a character in a game named Ralph. His game looks suspiciously a lot like the classic Donkey Kong game. Ralph is the bad guy in the game. He climbs up an apartment building smashing it to pieces until the hero, Felix Fixit Jr. comes along and repairs the building. The apartment owners love Felix and show their appreciation by throwing him a big party. Ralph on the other hand lives alone in a junk yard next to the building.

In the classic Disney tradition Ralph has a big heart and just wants to be accepted by the apartment tenants. He gets the idea that if he wins some kind of medal he will get their respect. This is when he jumps in to a first person shooter game then a Mario Kart clone called Sugar Rush.

Ralph is basically another version of “Shrek”. He meets other outsiders and even has a support group for villains at Pac Man’s place. The group consists of some of the bad guys from “Street Fighter”, “Sonic” and Bowser from the “Mario Bros.” games.

The animation is always eye popping which is expected since the animators are given free reign to create a variety of different gaming environments. The story is not original and neither are the personalities of the characters but I still enjoyed them. “Wreck-It Ralph” may not have reached the heights I was hoping for but it still a ton of fun.

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