Seven Psychopaths ***1/2


“Seven Psychopaths” is the latest movie written and directed by Martin McDonagh. His first film was the great “In Bruge”. His follow up effort shows that he is not just a one hit wonder. This film is a bit of a mind bender in fact.

On the surface, the story is about a writer (Colin Farrell), named Marty, who is writing a screenplay called “Seven Psychopaths”. His best friend is Billy (Sam Rockwell), an out of work actor and part time dog napper. Christopher Walken plays Hans, Billy’s partner in the dog napping scheme.

Woody Harrelson plays a gangster with many screws loose. When his precious pup is kidnapped he shows that he is not above killing people to get it back.

Now the movie is not really about any of the characters I have described. Under the surface this movie is about a movie in the making. At least I think. These characters tend to drift in and out of each other’s stories as Marty writes his screenplay. McDonagh cheerfully walks the line of realism and fantasy, not really caring where these characters take him.

I can’t say much more as it would ruin the movies charm. “Seven Psychopaths” is a fully entertaining black comedy that earns it’s R rating.


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