Trouble With The Curve **1/2


“Trouble With The Curve” has some fine performances but there is not really much to the story. The plot is very predictable and the dramatic moments are heavy handed and melodramatic.

The movie stars Clint Eastwood as an aging baseball scout who is starting to lose his vision among other things. His daughter, played by Amy Adams, is a lawyer trying to make partner at her firm. They have been very distant through out the years. When Eastwood’s job is on the line she decides to go on the road with him to assist. I wonder if they will reconcile?

Timberlake plays a fellow scout who used to be a player. After he blew out his arm at a young age he took a job scouting to stay close to the game he loves. I wonder if he will be a romantic interest for Amy Adams?

Literally this movie has no surprises or originality. All it has going for it is the straight forward yet effective performances by its lead performers.

Honestly for my money I was way more interested in the scouting than the father-daughter story or the love interest. Last year’s “Moneyball” was a movie that managed to balance these themes with a much more complex and engaging screenplay.


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