Dredd ***1/2


“Dredd” is one of those movies I wish I could have seen in the theatres. Unfortunately it came and went too fast for me to get out and see it. It’s box office gross was pathetic which makes no sense to me. It is an awesome movie which also connected with critics as per it’s %78 approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The character of Judge Dredd was portrayed by Sylvester Stallone back in 1995 and was a disaster. This is one of those very few cases where a remake is actually a good thing. “Dredd” is a much more entertaining basically because the performances, the story and the visual effects are that much more engaging.

Karl Urban portrays Dredd, a member of a police force in the future that acts as judge, jury and executioner. You are judged and sentenced on the spot.

The story this time involves a new drug called slomo. The effect on the user is that you experience everything in slow motion. This is especially terrifying when you are murdered. At one point a few users are skinned alive then tossed off of a building.

I did not have the chance to see this in the theatres as I said so I cannot comment on the 3D. I don’t think I need to see it in that format. The 2D version was visually awesome as it was.


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