Premium Rush ***


“Premium Rush” is quite a unique action thriller. I thought the previews looked silly but the actual movie is quite a lot of fun.

The story is basically a setup for breathtaking chases through the traffic of New York City. The camera shoots these bikers in such a way that we the audience feel like we are actually weaving through traffic.

These bike messengers sure do live on the edge. Jospeh Gordon Levitt, the star of the film, chooses to use a bike with no breaks as he feels that if he slows down, it could mean death.

The plot involves a dirty cop played by Michael Shannon, who is chasing Levitt through the streets for a particular package he is carrying that will help him out of a sticky situation. Shannon gives a truly bizarre performance here. He reminded me a bit of Nicolas Cage from “Bad Lieutenant” but more desperate.

It is interesting how some movies can go right under the radar. This flick was dumped in to the last few weekends of august which is a time when studios release movies that they don’t have a lot of faith in. I hope “Premium Rush” finds an audience on bluray or cable.


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