Why Stop Now ***


“Why Stop Now” is a very odd comedy that is actually pretty funny. It has been torched by critics so I thought I would check it out simply because there is a lot of talent involved here.

Jesse Eisenberg plays a piano prodigy whose mother is a drug addict. The film takes place through one crazy day in which he will try to admit her to rehab, deal with her drug dealers and make it to a performance that could get him in to a prestigious school.

Amazingly, when he take his mother to rehab, they won’t let her insurance cover her because she has been sober for a few days and she doesn’t have drugs in her system. The counsellor there actually recommends that he get her high so that she can submit drug laced urine and get coverage.

Tracy Morgan plays his mothers dealer. He isn’t your typical one tracked thug. Morgan plays the character as someone who finds drug dealing more of an inconvenience. His heart isn’t in it. He has a lot of funny dialogue that gave me this impression.

“Why Stop Now” isn’t a great movie but it did entertain me. It is no where near as bad as it’s Rotten Tomatoes percentage might suggest.


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