Total Recall ***


Here we are again with another remake that simply did not need to be made. This time it is of “Total Recall”, the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic from 1990. The original is a great film based off of a story by Phillip K. Dick. So why remake it? To make money of course.

The basic story elements are the same. This time the star is Colin Farrell. His version is a little more gloomy and a lot less tongue in cheek. There are no one liners so to speak, just more chases and violence for this version of Doug Quaid.

The director is Len Wiseman, who made the “Underworld” films. He does an admirable job directing this flick and actually creates a pretty unique world as well as some thrilling action sequences. I just wish he had taken this vision and created a new story with it.

But we are stuck with an update of a classic sci-fi film. It is entertaining and will make money with the pop corn crowd. The effects and action are all top notch and it is not in 3D which is a bonus.


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