Ice Age: Continental Drift **1/2


I think I have had my fill of “Ice Age” movies. The first one is still my favourite. I found the first two sequels ammusing and beautifully animated. This fourth film still features gorgeous animation but I am finding these characters are starting to wear on my nerves.

The story finds our familiar heroes seperated due to the continents spreading apart. The bad guys this time are a rag tag group of animals who cruise around in an ice berg shaped like a pirate ship.

I could not really figure out their plan other than they wanted to rule the waters or something. Either way they were pretty uninteresting.

Now the movie is not one of the worst films every made. It does feature some amazing animation and has a few funny lines but I think this one was made mostly for the kiddies. I for one didn’t think it was worth seeing in the theatre, let alone paying extra for 3D.


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