Ted ***1/2


The best comedy of the year so far is thanks in part to a foul mouthed teddy bear. Ted is the title character in the movie “Ted”, and he is does not seem to know what being politically correct or censoring ones self means.

The movie starts as if it is going to be a corny kids film. Young John has no friends. The local kids won’t even let him help beat up a jewish kid apparently. When he gets a teddy bear for christmas, he wishes upon a shooting star that it will come to life and be his friend forever. Wouldn’t you know, it happens. This leads to Ted becoming an instant celebrity, even appearing on Johnny Carson.

Cut to many years later and John finds himself as an adult, living with Ted. The two spend their time smoking pot and watching old episodes of Flash Gordon. Ted in specific drinks, hangs out with hookers, and uses language that would put a trucker to shame. But he doesn’t just cuss for the sake of cussing. Ted makes it an art form. All of his insults and language roll out naturally, which most of the time is startlingly hilarious.

John, now played by Mark Wahlberg, has not matured over the years. He works at a car rental agency, and much to the dismay of his girlfriend played by Mila Kunis, he seems to have no ambition beyond getting stoned and hanging out with Ted.

Ted is voiced by Seth Macfarlane, who also wrote and directed the film. What a debut this is. I can’t believe this is his first film. He has mostly been known for animated TV shows like “Family Guy” but I am very glad to see him transition to the big screen. “Ted” is the funniest comedy probably since “The Hangover”.


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