Thats My Boy ***


Finally, after three bad movies in a row, Sandler comes back with a hilarious comedy. No it is not one of his best films and no it will not appeal to anybody outside of his usual fan base but it is funny and thats all I care about. It is no “Happy Gilmore” but it is lights years ahead of “Jack And Jill”.

“Thats My Boy” has Sandler playing a down and out father who achieved national attention when he was 13. As a teenager he had an affair with his teacher and got her pregnant. The teacher went to jail leaving Sandler to raise his son.

Cut to years later and the adult Sandler has become his personal brand of man child. He has not had contact with his son for years and finds himself crashing his wedding plans. This leads to the usual situations which are more extreme this time which garnered an R rating.

Look you are either a fan of Sandler or you aren’t. I will always watch his movies. I may hate some and love others but I have been a fan for a long time and i’m glad to see him back in a funny movie.


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