Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted ***


I have never really loved the “Madagascar” series from the beginning. The first movie was forgettable, the second one was pretty entertaining and the third one is more of the same. I am recommending it because it is funny and has some really good animation.

The story this time follows our familiar characters as they join a down and out circus. Do you think that they will make friendships and restore this show to it’s former glory? Not a lot of thought went in to finding an original story here.

When it comes to animation, Pixar is the current leader in the field. Dreamworks has always seemed like a cheaper version of Pixar to me. They focus more on mass production and franchises instead of original stories. But every once in a while they hit a home run with movies like “How To Train Your Dragon”. When it is all said and done if you liked the first two movies in this series then this one is a must see for you.


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