Men In Black III ***


“Men In Black III” comes to us almost ten years after “Men In Black II” came out. That is a long time between sequels which is a risky move. Most times franchises are a product of their time. Audience’s attention spans are pretty short these days. Just look at the box office results for “Scream 4” and “American Reunion”.

The original “Men In Black” brings back good memories for me. I saw it in 1997 when I was in Grade 10. The sequel was pretty lame and pretty much put the series on hold. Now comes part III, which has had a bumpy road to getting made. Production was delayed then shut down while the script went through some rewrites. Then the previews didn’t really do much to get people excited. But now that I have seen it I can say that it is really good! Almost as good as the original film.

The story finds Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back as Agents K and J. They are still partners after all these years. Together they must track down an alien that has escaped from a prison on the moon. That alien is Boris the Animal and it turns out that he has a bit of history with agent K. Eventually he goes back in time and takes him out causing the earth to be defenseless from an alien invasion. J must go back in time and save him and the planet.

Once J gets back in time he locates K, who is now played by Josh Brolin who does an incredible Tommy Lee Jones impersonation. He is uncanny in his speech, mannerisms and even his appearance.

A lot of the jokes this time around come from the differences between the MIB of modern times and that of the sixties. I especially loved the moment when Josh Brolin brings out his battery powered memory eraser as well as his massive cell phone.

The action in this movie is pretty good as well. There is a hilarious shootout in a chinese restaurant which includes a giant alien seafood entree. I also liked the single wheel vehicles that the agents use in the sixties during a chase scene. Then there is a finale that includes the battle on top of a rocket ship that is headed to the moon.

All in all this is a fun film and a return to form for a series that was presumed dead. It ends on a pretty emotional note that had me hoping that there will be another installment. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another ten years if there is.


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