Chernobyl Diaries *


“Chernobyl Diaries” showed promise in the previews. It seemed to have an interesting premise. The result is horror film that reduces itself to a series of boo moments where things jump out at the screen to get a jolt out of the audience. These moments are usually accompanied with a simultaneous jolt on the films soundtrack.

The plot involves a group of twenty somethings as they take a tour of Chernobyl. The town has been deserted since the disaster, leaving behind a setting that was begging to be used in a horror flick. Too bad nothing scary really happens during this movie.

The writers and directors don’t even take their time to build up the suspense. They drop these characters in to their tour where the van they arrived on won’t start when it is it time to leave. How original.

After seeing a movie like “Sinister”, where the creators went through the trouble to develop characters and real terror a movie like “Chernobyl Diaries” just doesn’t measure up in my opinion.


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