The Dictator ***


Not a lot of movies can really shock me any more but leave it up to Sacha Baron Cohen to keep trying. There are moments in this movie that I can truly say I have not experienced in a film before such as a point of view shot from inside a woman’s womb looking out. I’ve never seen anyone lose their cell phone in a woman’s womb and continue to talk on it.

Sacha Baron Cohen creates the main character, Admiral General Aladeen from the ground up. He is an over the top dictator of a fictional north African country. His Palace is decorated in paintings of himself, statues of himself performing sexual acts with women and a guard of female virgin soldiers. The funny thing is that none of this seems like too much of a stretch from other dictators.

The story follows him as he travels to New York to make a speech against democracy at the United Nations. This is where he is overthrown by some of his of his closest advisors and replaced by a look alike. He finds himself on the streets of New York alone. He is taken in by Anna Faris who plays a peace loving hippie who runs a vegan grocery store.

A lot of the films biggest laughs come from his treatment of her as what he deems to be the inferior sex. Might not sound funny to read but remember, Cohen is the ultimate satirist. He plays his characters so over the top that you have to laugh yet at the same time he is imitating people who are not that far from his performance in real life.

“The Dictator” is not Cohen’s best movie. It lacks the full on shock value of “Borat” and “Bruno”, but it is consistently funny. Just be warned that it if you did not like his previous films then you are not likely to be won over by this one.


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