Lockout ***


“Lockout” is a total throw back to action heroes of the 80’s. Guy Pearce’s character, Snow, reminded me a lot of Snake Plissken and John McClane. In fact the plot of this movie is inspired by “Escape From New York” in many ways.

In the future, criminals are sent to a prison that is orbiting the earth. When the presidents daughter is taken hostage while on a humanitarian mission to help some of the prisoners who are losing their minds. This is when Snow is recruited. He is to get on board the prison ship and rescue her so that his own criminal record can be erased.

The rescue involves the usual series of shootings, fights but also includes space dog fights and a highly unlikely sequence where two people parachute from space to the New York and actually survive.

What I liked about this movie was the old school feel. The story was conceived by Luc Besson, who specializes in action films involving greasy characters and anti heroes.


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