American Reunion ***


Now this movie takes me back to my graduation from high school. The original “American Pie” came out the summer after my grade 12 year. It was one of the biggest sleeper hits of 1999. It was followed by two very funny sequels. Now comes the reunion movie almost ten years after the last installment.

This movie brings back all the original characters from the first film. We check in on Jim and Michelle, who have been married for years and now have a kid. Their sex life has stalled though and they are hoping that a weekend getaway to their high school reunion might create a spark. Oz is a sports commentator and celebrity dancer. Kevin seems to have been neutered by his wife and Finch has become a world traveller.

Then there is Stiffler, who has become an intern for some sort of financial conglomerate. He is pretty stoked to have the boys back in town as he has been dying to get out and party.

The usual hijinks ensue involving sexual adventures, drinking and partying. The theme this time is that the boys are now men and are starting to think that they have out grown these antics. Doesn’t help that Jim’s neighbor Kara, whom he used to babysit, is now 18 and obviously has had a crush on him for years.

It is nice to see that this series has not aged at all. I could of done with less facebook references though. This series could become much like the “Up” franchise where we check in on their lives every few years.


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