Wrath Of The Titans **1/2


“Wrath Of The Titans” is the sequel to 2010’s “Clash Of The Titans”. The first film was an enjoyable action film that was not very memorable. The sequel is almost as good but is held back a bit by some frustrating direction by Jonathan Liebesman.

Liebesman is the director of last years awful “Battle: LA”. That movie suffered from action scenes that were edited together in a blender surrounded by sparks and smoke. It was not a lot of fun to look at. This time he is working in the action fantasy genre and still manages to mangle some scenes in to a frenzy of split second images, dust and CGI. But other moments are simply awesome, such as the final battle with a giant creature made of rock, lava and smoke.

The plot this time is a little more simplistic. Basically the gods are losing their powers which leaves mankind almost defenseless against the Titans. Only Perseus the half man, half god, played again by Sam Worthington, can save us. This time he finds himself battling creatures that seem even more nasty than the ones in the first film. He is also battling a script that does not have much depth.

“Wrath Of The Titans” is a pretty entertaining. It is not as good as the original. It suffers at times from the directors vision or lack there of. I think I might like it more on bluray where the smaller screen might make the frantic action scenes a little easier to follow.

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