Jeff, Who Lives At Home ***

20120828-225417.jpg“Jeff, Who lives At Home” is kind of an existential comedy. It is different from what I expected. Jason Segal, stars as Jeff, a 30 year old stoner who lives in his mothers basement. I figured there would be a lot of lazy man humor. What we get is quite a pleasant surprise.

Jeff is obsessed with the M. Night Shyamalan movie “Signs”. Jeff believes that there are signs that will show him his fate. It starts with a phone call from an anonymous caller looking for a guy named Kevin. How that leads to him teaming up with his brother to spy on his brothers wife I will leave for you to find out.

Ed Helms plays his brother. His marriage is less than stellar. He treats his wife as more of a good friend than his life partner. She is not impressed when he says he purchased a Porsche. She is so annoyed that she goes out to the drive way and dumps her breakfast on it.

Susan Sarandon plays the mother of these two men. She is having issues of her own with a cyber stalker mixed with her own loneliness.

How these characters all end up on a bridge rescuing people from a car that has crashed in to a river I can only attribute to either fate or clever screen writing. What I will say for sure is that I enjoyed “Jeff, Who Lives At Home” but not for the reasons that I thought I would.


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