21 Jump Street ***


“21 Jump Street” is an entertaining movie from start to finish. There is a lot of laughs in this movie. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill give hilarious performances and have great chemistry. I was hoping for a grittier movie with more of an edge but I’ll settle for big laughs any day.

The movie is based on a TV series from the 80’s which starred a young Johnny Depp. The story follows a couple of cops who go under cover in a high school to try and bust up a drug ring. This leads to many shenanigans that are more at home in a raunchy teen comedy.

There are the usual cliches involving high school social groups, drunken parties and getting high during class. The interesting thing is that it is crossed with the usual cliches from a buddy cop movie. Imagine “Lethal Weapon” crossed with “American Pie”. I especially liked Ice Cube as the typical captain who chews them out every time they screwed up.

The movie was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, based on a screenplay by Michael Bacall.


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