John Carter ***


When “John Carter” entered theaters, it came with a lot of negative hype. The marketing for the film had been pretty lackluster. People were getting an “Attack Of The Clones” meets “Prince Of Persia” vibe. There was also a lot of anger aimed at Disney for dropping the “Of Mars” from the title.

After seeing the movie I can say that the marketing team really dropped the ball. This is an old fashioned epic that has it’s flaws yes, but overall is a pretty entertaining film.

The story follows a man named John Carter, played by Taylor Kitsch. Carter is a gold prospector in 1868 who happens upon a strange being in a Cave. He gets a hold of a mysterious medallion and finds himself transported to Barsoom, also known as Mars. It is here he gets caught in a war between to ancient civilizations.

What I liked about Carter was the old fashioned feel that director Andrew Stanton brought to the story. Everything has a sort of 1950’s pulp feel to it. What I did not enjoy was his over use of CGI effects and characters. I do feel that we are at a point where directors need to get back to making movies with physical sets and make up effects. I challenge a director to make a film like this and use no digital effects whatsoever.

Taylor Kitsch I found was a little underwhelming as the lead. It is strange because Willem Dafoe voices one of the CGI alien characters and I found myself wondering why he didn’t play John Carter. He has more of a grand screen presence than Kitsch does.

After it was over I felt like I had enjoyed the film overall. It is not a disaster by any means. It is a very different movie than the commercials and trailers suggest.


One response to “John Carter ***

  1. It was how Taylor Kitcsh was told by the director to play the role of the protagonist – not to overwhelm and straightforward so that viewers can instead project themselves as John Carter.

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