Act Of Valor **1/2


“Act of Valor” is being billed as starring actual Navy Seals, and depicting real life situations. What they don’t tell you is that this movie started out as a recruitment video and ended up being converted in to a big budget action picture. The downside is that this movie, while being a thrilling action movie, doesn’t really give us a gritty look at what Navy Seals do.

I don’t image that going in to combat is this exciting. Where is the fear and scare factor? The fire fights are depicted as the American’s storming in, kicking some ass, then getting back to surfing and drinking beers with their families.

From a technical stand point this film is top notch. The action and effects are all effective and directed with precision. The cinematography, sets, and landscapes give the film a real world feel. I especially liked the moments when they jump from a plane and parachute in to a hot zone.

Now the movie does feature a lot of real Seals and military personnel but that is not necessarily a good thing. The acting is wooden and corny. Professional actors would have made a big difference. The last scene of the movie alone involving a funeral is cringe inducing.

I think that there could be a truly great film involving Seals and what they do, but it should not start out as a recruitment video and should really take it easy on the patriotism.

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